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Antim Straus - photo


From Thriller to Awesomely Funny !

Book cover of How Mrs. God and I Created the Universe by Antim Straus

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What would happen if astrophysicist
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Mel Brooks collaborated in a retelling of the creation of the universe? 

It might be something as hilariously charming as How Mrs. God and I Created the Universe.

Even the initial reviews 

will leave you in stitches . . .

To my dying day, I believe he had something to do with that asteroid.”

– Mr. T-Rex 

“Sure. Us yellow sponges just floated aimlessly around. We were homeless.”

– Bob 

“We would have had no trouble completing the job on time. But the change orders were killing us.”

– Seven Day Construction Co.

“We put a great band together. Then he sucks all the air out of space. No one could hear us. All we wanted was a little air-time.”

– The Star Fusion Sound Machine 

“I followed the script. I sang. I cajoled. I was convincing. And what did it get me?

– The Eden Snake 

“It’s upsetting. They played so well together when they were little.”

– Adam 

“Stop with the Green Men already.”

– Mars 

“Who says size doesn’t matter.”

– The “Late” Planet Pluto 

“Mrs. God takes one look at us and immediately conceives Bouillabaisse.”

– The Mollusk Society 

“His first words to me were ‘just don’t make any waves.’”

– The Moon 

“You mean if I had just a three-letter name, all of this could have been mine.”

– Alpha Centauri 

“I’m glad we shared the apple. That left the lemon for the grilled salmon.”

– Eve